Center for Continuous Education Application and Research (SÜREM)

Mehtap GÜVEN ÇOBAN, Director

The Center for Continuing Education aims to develop relationships between public, private sectors, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and international organizations and to enhance educational and cultural level of the society.

The activities of the center include organizing preparatory classes primarily for under- and postgraduate students, from which people from all walks of life can benefit, designing programs, seminars, workshops, national/international meetings, counseling projects, and sharing the outcome of the courses through publications.


Responsive to Change - Participatory focused

The center adopts the principle of continuously renewign its programs and teaching techniques, and prioritizing the expectations of participants in programs to keep pace with the rapidly globalized world where new educational needs can be encountered at any time.


Balance Between Theory and Practice

The center aims to provide the participants with life-long information and skills by helping them benefit from the most advanced theories in the academic world.


Continuing Education

The center perceives people from all walks of life, all ages and professions as target audiences.



The center is committed to cooperation with prominent experts in all programs and services it has offered.


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