Center for Turkish Language Teaching Application and Research (TÜRÖMER)

Assoc. Prof. Dr.  Kerim AÇIK, Director

Fields of Activity

  • Improving and applying the methods and techniques of Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language within the linguistic perspective.
  • Establishing cooperation and working together with similar institutions in Turkish speaking countries.
  • Conducting Turkish lessons and improving their content.
  • Solving the problems that arise in the oral and written usage of Turkish language.
  • Organizing courses and seminars for creating awareness about using the language appropriately and effectively.
  • Organizing national and international conventions on Turkish language teaching.
  • Organizing activities and workshops to promote not only Turkish language but also Turkish culture.
  •  Administering placement tests for those who want to learn Turkish as a foreign language, arranging a suitable instructional curriculum and issuing certificates to learners.
  • Organizing summer schools for those who are learning Turkish language outside Turkey, making them experience the language in its environment.
  • Giving preparatory education to learners who study at Turkish language and literature departments outside Turkey.
  • Arranging training courses for official (consulate, embassy etc.) and private organizations.

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