Arabic Center for Education Implementation and Research (ARÖMER)

Asst. Prof. İbrahim HELALŞAH, Director

The purpose of the Arabic Center for Education Implementation and Research is to promote relations with public, private, and non-governmental organizations which operate in the field of Arabic education. The center works towards improving the quality of Arabic teaching in Turkey.

The center organizes and prepares Arabic educational programs, courses, seminars, workshops and national & international conventions for people from all works of life. It also offers advisory services.

The center has agreements with the offices of muftis and vocational religious high schools in Istanbul as well as in a number of other cities such as Rize, Samsun, Edirne etc. As part of these agreements, the center brings experienced Arabic teachers and appoints them to Turkish schools.

The center has international connections in the field of Arabic teaching. Starting up an internationally accredited Arabic proficiency exam and preparing books and visual materials to facilitate Arabic teaching are also included in its objectives.

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