English Preparatory School

The English Preparatory Program consists of four tracks and two semesters. There are 28 hours of classes weekly. 20 hours of these classes are conducted for general English (grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading, and writing), 2 hours for improving reading skills, 2 hours for improving writing skills, and 2 hours for grammar (extra exercises).


Principles and Techniques of Education

The main goal of the language learning process is being able to communicate effectively in that language. Therefore, we aim to improve our students’ speaking and writing abilities by using the most contemporary methods and techniques of foreign language teaching. The language of communication and instruction is English in classrooms. Audio and visual materials are used to support the lessons and make learning permanent.

Exams in the English Preparatory School

  1. End-of-track Exam: Given to students at the end of each track.
  2. Quizzes: As part of the preparatory program, students are assessed with quizzes periodically.
  3. Portfolio: Students are expected to prepare a file in which they put all of their work that they complete throughout the year.


Compulsory Attendance

Attendance lists are regularly checked and controlled by the instructors. Records of attendance are announced by Preparatory School administration. Students are obliged to attend 90% of the classes.


Consultancy system

Each instructor is determined as a consultant/advisor in order to improve all students’ studying techniques and to solve the problems they face during the learning process.

Teaching Staff

  • Lecturer Aylin SAR
  • Lecturer Ayşe DURMAZ
  • Lecturer Bengü Deniz TOLUNAY
  • Lecturer Ebru ASAL
  • Lecturer Elif Hande YILMAZ
  • Lecturer Emrah GÜLTEKİN
  • Lecturer Hansa Uslu ŞEN
  • Lecturer Kadir İlbey ÇAKIROĞLU
  • Lecturer Maathew Caleb CHAMPLIN
  • Lecturer Mehtap Güven ÇOBAN
  • Lecturer Moksud MIAH
  • Lecturer Nevriye Beyda SARI
  • Lecturer Nurdan ŞİŞMAN
  • Lecturer Sibel YÜCEL
  • Lecturer Zeliha Damla ÜNLÜSES