International Faculty of Islamic and Religious Studies

Prof. Mustafa SİNANOĞLU (Faculty Dean)

The International Faculty of Islamic and Religious Studies is recognized as equivalent to the Faculty of Divinity/Theology in the state universities of Turkey and its programs and diplomas are monitored and approved by the Higher Education Council of Turkey (YÖK). Therefore, the students who graduate from the International Faculty of Islamic and Religious Studies enjoy the same rights as the graduates of faculties of divinity/theology in Turkish state universities.

The main purpose of the faculty is to educate, train and develop students as prospective academics, teachers and religious personnel

  • who are familiar with the main sources, histories and problems of Islamic disciplines
  • who are willing to benefit from the knowledge promoted in other disciplines
  • who are able to comprehend the past and the present through critical analysis
  • who are well equipped with the professional qualifications and the requirements of daily life
  • who have a high sense of responsibility towards themselves and others

The International Faculty of Islamic and Religious Studies has two undergraduate programs. Thanks to its well-designed programs and strong academic staff, the faculty has received international recognition.


Islamic and Religious Studies Program

The Islamic and Religious Studies Program focuses on Islamic Studies with extensive instruction in Arabic. The language of instruction is Arabic (at least 30%) as well as Turkish and 50% of the curriculum of the undergraduate program is taught in Arabic by native Arabic speaking academic staff.

Therefore, students registered in these programs are required to take Arabic preparatory classes. Those who successfully complete all 6 levels of Arabic courses are rewarded with an educational trip to Jordan, where they take further Arabic courses at the University of Jordan to improve their Arabic language skills as well as attending some other courses related to their programs for a period of two-three months.


International Islamic Theology Program

The International Islamic Theology Program was launched in Turkish faculties of divinity/theology in 2006, on the initiative of the Presidency of Religious Affairs and the Republic of Turkey. The program is intended for students of Turkish origin who have been brought up and completed their high school education in Western countries. The program in the faculty has a curriculum similar to that of Islamic and Religious Studies Program, yet slightly moderated in accordance with the needs of the students.

Full-Time Academic Staff

  • Prof. Ahmet YÜCEL
  • Prof. Ali BARDAKOĞLU
  • Prof. İbrahim Kafi DÖNMEZ
  • Prof. İlyas ÇELEBİ
  • Prof. Muhittin SERİN
  • Prof. Mustafa ALTUNDAĞ
  • Prof. Mustafa SİNANOĞLU
  • Assoc. Prof. Asım Cüneyd KÖKSAL
  • Assoc. Prof. Salime Leyla GÜRKAN
  • Asst. Prof. Abdullah MA'ROUF ABED OMAR
  • Asst. Prof. Ahmad Abduljabbar SNOBAR
  • Asst. Prof. Fatih ÇOLLAK
  • Asst. Prof. İbrahim HELALŞAH
  • Asst. Prof. Mehmet Taha BOYALIK
  • Asst. Prof. Mohamad Anas SARMINI
  • Asst. Prof. Mohamad Najı ALOMAR
  • Asst. Prof. Mounjed AHMMAD
  • Inst. Ahmad Mawafaq Moh'd MUGHRABI
  • Inst. Aly Ragab ALY TAHA
  • Inst. Dalia Abdelgawad HASSAN ABDELGAWAD
  • Inst. Gamal Mohamed YOUSSEF MOHAMED
  • Inst. Ghafran TAFNKJI
  • Inst. Heba Othman ELDOKONY
  • Inst. Kamal ALALI
  • Inst. Khaled Khalifa Abdelazım KHALLAF
  • Inst. Maher Al HARIRI
  • Inst. Mohamad Mohamad YASEN
  • Inst. Sawafy Fathy Ahmad SAWAFY
  • Res. Asst. Elif Behnan KARABIYIK
  • Res. Asst. Sami Turan EREL
  • Res. Asst. Tuğrul KURT

Part-Time Academic Staff

  • Prof. Ali Ulvi MEHMEDOĞLU
  • Prof. Mehmet Tayfun AMMAN
  • Prof. Ömer Mahir ALPER
  • Prof. Rahim ACAR
  • Assoc. Prof. Nuri TINAZ
  • Assoc. Prof. Semih CEYHAN
  • Assoc. Prof. Yüksek ÇELİK
  • Asst. Prof. Emine KESKİNER
  • Asst. Prof. Kamil YAŞAROĞLU
  • Asst. Prof. Mehmet BULĞEN
  • Inst. Dr. Adem YIĞIN
  • Inst. Dr. Hamza EL-BEKRİ
  • Inst. Dr. Mehmet Ali SARI
  • Inst. Ayşe Elif KOÇAL